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Aloha Wellness Therapy


I have found Aloha Wellness Therapy to be professional, efficient and effective in all aspects of their work – Yoko Nakajima’s wellness therapeutic technique is one of the best I have experienced.  She is caring and gentle yet extremely effective.

Here therapy service has relieved pains in my shoulder, knee and increased circulation in my legs and feet.

I highly recommend Aloha Wellness Therapy for both casual massages and/or as an effective way of stimulating your body or eliminating or reducing any aches or pains.


Gary Westernoff…..a very satisfied client





ボディーメーク アーティスト
島田 ひとみ
六代目 越後谷助七
渡辺 孝之
I woke up one Friday morning with pain in my right shoulder blade.  Took some Tylenol and hoped it will get better.  By Monday the pain went  to my neck and shoulder.  Made an appointment to see my physician.  He prescribed a stronger medication than I was taking and suggested going to an acupuncturist or getting a massage and if after two weeks, if it’s not better to return.  I opted for the massage and went to see Yoko Nakajima at the Aloha Wellness Therapy.  At my first session, I was very limited in my movements.  Her massage technique by rocking the backbone softly began to realign my body to it’s natural position.  After 5 sessions, within two weeks, the pain was gone.  Thank you very much, Nakajima-san.
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